Usage and formula of present simple tense with examples

In the following, we are going to see the usage and formula of present simple tense with some examples.

present simple tense formula:

S + V1 + O

present simple tense Usage:

we use the present simple tense to express repeated actions, habits, or general truths.

present simple tense Examples:

  1. My friend often goes to the gym in the morning.
  2. John sometimes works till 8 pm.
  3. The train leaves in five minutes.
  4. I like cheese.
  5. Lola doesn’t like grammar.
  6. He goes to the office every morning.
  7. My wife watches TV at night every day.
  8. I do not drink wine.
  9. Do you like grammar?
  10. their parents bring them to school often.

Usage and Formula of the present simple tense

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