Usage and formula of past simple tense with examples

In the following, we are going to see the usage and formula of past simple tense with some examples.

past simple tense formula:

S + V2 + O

past simple tense Usage:

we use the past simple tense to express an action that happened at a specific time in the past which doesn’t extend to the present.

past simple tense Examples:

  1. I visited my aunt yesterday.
  2. Last year I visited many places.
  3. She moved here in 2001.
  4. Did you finish your preparation last night?
  5. We visited Japan last year.
  6. Last year We moved to a new place. 
  7. I practiced my grammar lessons last month.
  8. I learned a new language 3 years ago.
  9. They enjoyed solving their exercises yesterday.
  10. We visited our family in Sidney last month.

Usage and Formula of the past simple tense

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