Usage and formula of past perfect continuous tense with examples

In the following, we are going to see the usage and formula of past perfect continuous tense with some examples.

past perfect continuous tense formula:

S + had been + (V+ing) + O

past perfect continuous tense Usage:

we use the past perfect continuous tense to express an action started in the past and last for a period of time before being interrupted by another action.

past perfect continuous tense Examples:

  1. I had been waiting for the bus for over an hour before you came.
  2. She had been learning a new language for 3 years before she traveled abroad.
  3. I had been studying at this university for three years before I finally got my degree.
  4. I hadn’t been waiting for the bus for a long time when it suddenly arrived.
  5. he had been working at this company for three years when after graduating.
  6. I had been studying the whole night before my mother asked me to get some rest.
  7. My parents had been traveling for many years before I was born.
  8. I hadn’t been taking care of myself until I felt suddenly I had to.  
  9. He had been playing football for four years before He left his passion eventually.
  10. We had been looking for you the whole day before one of your friends told us you are not coming.

Usage and Formula of the past perfect continuous tense

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