Usage and formula of past continuous tense with examples

In the following, we are going to see the usage and formula of past continuous tense with some examples.

past continuous tense formula:

S + Was/Were + (V+ing) +O

past continuous tense Usage:

we use the past continuous tense to express an interrupted action that happened for a period of time in the past.

past continuous tense Examples:

  1. I was studying when my phone rang.
  2. When I was eating, my cat was playing around.
  3. Sofia and I were solving our exercises when my uncle got in.  
  4. I was studying when to came to see me.
  5. Yesterday I was playing a game when you called me.
  6. She was writing an email to her uncle when her mother called her.
  7. I was jogging in the park when I saw a beautiful pigeon.
  8. Last night at 7 Am, I was preparing myself to go to school.
  9. My sister was watching TV when I was reading.
  10. While they were watching TV, We were practicing piano.

Usage and Formula of the past continuous tense

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