Usage and formula of future simple tense with examples

In the following, we are going to see the usage and formula of future simple tense with some examples.

future simple tense formula:

S + will + V1 + O

future simple tense Usage:

we use the future simple tense to express actions that will happen in the future which haven’t happened yet.

future simple tense Examples:

  1. I will send you all the lessons tomorrow.
  2. Will you help me to solve this homework?
  3. I won’t do solve all these exercises at once.
  4. Next month he will be in London.
  5. I think he will come with us.
  6. I am sure you will finish your exercises.
  7. You will see the results tomorrow.
  8. I will call you when I get the results.
  9. Will you borrow me some of your books?
  10. I will be there by evening.


Usage and Formula of the future simple tense

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