Present simple tense exercise (fill in the blanks/gaps )

In this exercise, you are going to practice when and how to use: Present simple tense.

  • Fill in the blanks/gaps with the appropriate tense form.
  • Click “check button” to check your answers.
  • Click the button “show solutions” to see the correct answers.

Simple Present Tense Exercise

1 She (go) to school every day.

2 (you/go) to school every day?

3 I (not/think) she is right in what she says about the exam.

4 (you/like) English exercises online?

5 (he/not) like to solve hard exercises. He jumps directly to the solutions.

6 (she/like) to study online.

7 (you/not) like grammar rules!

8 How (he/can) solve all these hard exercises?

9 They (not/prefer) learning in the traditional way.

10 (you/benefit) from your private extra hours' study?

11 (they/prepare) for their exams?

12 (he/not) prepare for his exams.

13 When  (she/go) to school?

14 (she/commit) to study every day?

15 You (not/attend) classes a lot.

16 Why (we/have) to submit our homework every week?

17 What (they/read) usually in literature subject?

18 The teacher (provide) extra explanation whenever someone needs it.

19 (we/need) extra hours of work to finish this duty?

20 We (not/need) these extra materials in our studies.


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This particular exercise was about the present simple tense and how to deal with it in different sentences.

Practicing the lessons with exercises makes it easy for you to understand and master the lesson.

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