Past Perfect tense exercise (fill in the blanks/gaps )

In this exercise, you are going to practice when and how to use: the Past perfect tense.

  • Fill in the blanks/gaps with the appropriate tense form.
  • Click “check button” to check your answers.
  • Click the button “show solutions” to see the correct answers.

Past perfect tense exercise

John (never/be) to Las Vegas before we went there last year

It (already/stop) raining when I bought an umbrella

When I (get) home yesterday, my mother had already cooked dinner

I was very tired as I (sleep/not) well for several days

I did not have any money because I (lose) my wallet

I lost so much weight because I (begin) exercising

I did not have any money because I (leave) my wallet at home

Micheal said that he (never/eat) rise before

He asked if I (read) the novel

If I (know) you were ill, I would have visited you


Take a look on all the 12 tenses in English; their forms and usage with examples from here.

This particular exercise was about the past perfect tense and how to deal with it in different sentences.

Practicing the lessons with exercises makes it easy for you to understand and master the lesson.

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