(in-into-on-onto) prepositions multiple choices exercise with answers.

In this exercise, you are going to practice when and how to use the prepositions (in-into-on-onto).

They are so many types of prepositions, but we are going to focus in this exercise about the prepositions (in-into-on-onto).

  • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition: in-into-on-onto.
  • Click “check button” to check your answers.
  • Click the button “show solutions” to see the correct answers.

(in-into-on-onto) prepositions multiple choices exercise with answers.

Significant increase  peacekeeping missions authorized in the last 16 years

Your blood has flowed  my arm, and mine into yours.

opens a window  the past.

Johnass personal training is a corporation, based in Ventura,  Southern California.

Anyone who came  contact with Garcia goes into isolation.

New security updates were installed your Computer.

Make friends Games Center in order to invite them to play.

Step  the grid for identity verification.

There isn't enough space  your hard disk to turn on this software

She's into all the same things I'm .


Take a look about the different types of prepositions from here.

This particular exercise was about the prepositions (in-into-on-onto) and how to deal with them within sentences.

Practicing the lessons with exercises makes it easy for you to understand and master the lesson.

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