Difficult English grammar mixed tenses exercises with answers (fill in the blanks/gaps )

In this exercise, you are going to practice on: Difficult English grammar mixed tenses.

Fill in the blanks/gaps with the appropriate tense form.
Click “check button” to check your answers.
Click the button “show solutions” to see the correct answers.

Difficult English grammar mixed tenses exercise

I (watch) TV when she arrives tonight

Take your umbrella. It (rain) when you return

Sam (work) as a teacher since he graduated

(it/rain) since you arrived?

By the end of the day, he (carry) ninety bags of potatoes

Michael (study) history for a few months

I (eat/not) much chocolate recently

Kelly (have) cats since I can remember

I (teach) about it for two hours

(it/snow) in the Sahara desert?

This exercise is about “Difficult English grammar mixed tenses” and how to deal with them in different sentences.

Practicing the lessons with exercises makes it easy for you to understand and master the lesson.

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