along-across-through prepositions exercises with multiple choices and answers.

In this exercise, you are going to practice when and how to use: along-across-through prepositions.

They are so many types of prepositions, but we are going to focus in this exercise about (along-across-through) prepositions.

  • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition: (along-across-through).
  • Click “check button” to check your answers.
  • Click the button “show solutions” to see the correct answers.

along-across-through prepositions exercise

I used to often take walks that river.

He was looking  a microscope.

My suggestion is for more trees to be planted  the streets.

I glanced  the brochure.

The bank is just  the street.

The big Bentley purred  the road.

We waded  a shallow stream.

She was still awake an hour later when Marie came  the door.

I saw them running together  the road yesterday.

Soldiers were marching  the fields.


Take a look about the different types of prepositions from here.

This particular exercise was about (along-across-through) prepositions and how to deal with them within sentences.

Practicing the lessons with exercises makes it easy for you to understand and master the lesson.

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